Colombian Pacific Coast

Choco, with its moist, tropical rainforest and volcanic sand beaches, is considered one of the areas of greatest biodiversity on the planet. Morromico is located on the Gulf of Tribuga, north of the town of Nuqui.

Small communities of fishermen live at the mouth of the rivers and further inland, deep in the forest, there are a few settlements of Embera native people.

Its unrivaled natural resources include one of the most diverse ecosystems of plant species and insects on earth. The region boasts more than six hundred different species of birds and the underwater fauna is more varied and abundant than that of the Atlantic.

Fresh water is plentiful, flowing form deep inside the rainforest, it travels through rivers, ravines, pools and waterfalls out to the sea. Morromico beach is a natural anchorage, it is more than 1km long and has five streams.


Warm, average temperature is 23.6ºC with a maximum of 30º C, all year round.

The region has seasonal changes. The sunniest and driest months are from January to April. The rainiest time is from October to the first days of December.

Rainfall in this area is one of the highest in the world, that is why biodiversity is so abundant.



How to get there

By air to Nuquí, from Medellin, Cali and Bogota.

Airlines and charter companies serve Nuqui most of days. Grupo San German is our first option – a very well managed charter company based in Medellin.

Morromico is located 45 minutes north of Nuqui by motorboat.



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I was blown away with this paradise. Sleeping in an open air bungalow is simply one of the most amazing and relaxing experiences ever. Waking up to the waterfall and the ocean waves, was so peaceful. It’s a great place to disconnect from the busy world around us. 

Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez
Reviewed September 2, 2017

Expensive but worth every penny, don’t hesitate stay here! Melissa and her mother are fantastic hosts and the property and surrounding topography is absolutely gorgeous. You will have a wonderful vacation at Morromico.