MorroMico  (article by Doña Gula)
“Arriving there is like arriving at a terrestrial paradise. Neither paintbrush nor digital camera succeeds in capturing the perfect beauty of this place. The sea! The beach! The rainforest! The waterfalls! But  most  important,  the  people! MorroMico is neither a village nor country house, it is a small  inlet  between  Jurubidá and  El Valle,  where  live  but five people, two dogs,  and  a parrot. “He” is Javier, “She” is Gloria, or “La Negra,” and  the other residents are Pablo  and  Sebastián,  who affectionately refer to the lady of the kitchen as “Costeña”. Aila is a charming  labrador,  Selva  is  a black lab, and the parrot’s name is Libertad. They all  live  in a  rustic  cabin  in complete comfort. He and She arrived here more than twenty years ago and put down roots, and today are known and respected throughout the region. The  day  I  set  foot  in  their  modest  home,  they  warned me that, ‘here, we eat only rice, patacón,  and fish.’  They  were  not  lying,  and  for  those  next eight days that I sat at their table, I feasted on the most wonderful variety of seafood that I have ever enjoyed in my fifty years  on  this  earth. La Negra, as a hostess, was fit for a king, as was  Costeña, her ever-faithful and resourceful cook.”

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