Option 1  – Full day.
Guided tour, trekking through the tropical rainforest. Observation of endemic flora and fauna.
Leaving at 7:30 am.
Walk along a trek behind the mountain of Morromico beach, going up to about 200mt above sea level and then walking down to ‘Dos bocas’ creek, its ponds and small waterfalls of pure crystal water. On the way we will be able to see majestic trees such as carrá, jenené, choibá and sande (local names) that are sacred to the indigenous Emberá people. Also, different species of palm trees : chonta, mil pesos and tagua (local names) as well as  several plant species  such as heliconia , orchids , succulents and ferns like the zamia – a jurassic species – and the  ‘plastic fern’ named  for its  appearance.
12:00 pm – Snack served on plantain leaves! Approximately one hour to enjoy the ponds and have lunch.
‘Dos bocas’ creek ends its course some 3 hours up from the native community of the Emberá people of Jurubidá, and flows into the river by the same name. The ‘chingos’ or traditional Emberá canoes will be waiting there to take us down the river to the fishermen community of Jurubidá.
5:30 pm – Leave Jurubidá by motor boat, and return to Morromico beach.
This tour has everything: jungle, creeks, lunch, chingos, travelling on the river and the sea!.

Price: $180.000 Colombian pesos per person.
Duration: 9 to 10 hours aprox.
Level of difficulty: High.
Minimun 4 people.
Recommendations: light long pants, long sleeve shirt, small back-pack, adequate shoes (rubber boots or trekking shoes).

Option 2 – Half a day.
Walk to ‘Copete de pava’.
Leaving at 10:00 am or 2:00 pm.
This is a walk to the highest point of Morromico beach. It starts on Morromico creek and takes the trek up to ‘Copete de pava’. There will be a variety of fauna and flora from the Chocoan forest to be observed on the way:  Giant trees like the huina, trees with medicinal properties like the drago and the machare (local names) , the amazing cocoi poison dart frogs and the famous conga ant,  the largest of the jungle. On arriving to the top, at 200 mts above sea level, you can enjoy a snack and the beautiful panoramic view .

Price: $60.000 Colombian pesos per person.
Duration: 4 hours aprox.
Level of difficulty: Medium.

Option 3 –Two hours.
Walk of the poison dart frogs.
Leaving at 9:00 am.
The cocoi frogs are endemic of the area. These tiny amphibians are brightly colored, displaying patterns to warn potential predators: yellow, orange, red, white or blue against a shiny black, brown or blue. The skin is smooth and it has many glands that produce a powerful toxin that can cause respiratory paralysis. The indigenous people use this  toxin to poison the tips of the arrows with which they hunt and the scientists investigate it to apply it in the treatment of several diseases.
This is a short walk, it goes up some 180 mts above sea level. It is the ideal place to photograph this incredible species!

Price: $40.000 Colombian pesos per person
Duration: 3 hours aprox.
Level of difficulty: Medium.

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